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The Tin Pan is a Music, Events, and Concert Venue located in the West End of Richmond, VA near Regency Square Mall. The venue features live music–both national touring and local acts–on a nightly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Ticketed Events

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Click above for a larger version of our seating chart.

How do I buy tickets to a show?

You can buy tickets online through our website. You can also visit us during our opening hours or give us a call to have us process your tickets through our box office. There are lower fees associated with using our box office or calling us versus buying tickets online. Our normal box office hours are Mon-Sat 12p-5p. 804-447-8189

How do I make a dinner reservation?

You will be asked to choose a dinner reservation time when you purchase your tickets. Tickets and dinner reservations are one and the same; we do not generally offer advance tickets without a dinner reservation, and it is not possible to make a dinner reservation without also purchasing a ticket.

Do I have to make a dinner reservation?

As a general rule, yes. We are a “supper club,” which means that our entrance tickets are sold along with a dinner reservation. A food or beverage minimum of $13 applies to all tickets/reservations. If you choose not to order $13 worth of food and/or beverage, we reserve the right to charge a house charge to in the amount of the difference.

Do I have to print out my tickets?

No, we can check you in using just an ID.

How does seating work?

When you purchase a ticket online or at our box office, you are guaranteed a seat at one of our tables. When you purchase tickets, you can request a dinner reservation at a certain time with your show.

Priority is given to customers who purchase early and choose to dine with us. Seats are assigned in the order in which you purchase them. The sooner you buy tickets, the closer we seat you to the stage. Dinner reservations are subject to a $13 minimum food and beverage purchase. If you choose not to order $13 worth of food and/or beverage, we reserve the right to charge a house charge to in the amount of the difference.

If I show up late, will I not get a seat?

There is never any risk of not having a seat because we never oversell the venue. For sold out shows, we may seat smaller parties together, as most of our tables are designed for a party of four.

How can I sit with my friends?

If you buy more than one ticket in a single transaction, we automatically seat your entire party together. If multiple groups are buying tickets separately and want to be seated together, please first purchase your tickets, then email us at with the order numbers of all parties who wish to sit together.

If I reserve an early seating, will I have to give up my seat later in the evening?

Absolutely not! Once you sit down at your table, that seat is yours for the rest of the evening.

Does food service continue during the show?

Generally speaking, yes, we do continue to serve food through a ticketed show. However, the service may be delayed depending on when natural breaks occur during an act’s set. We deeply respect our musicians and do our best not to disrupt their performances.

Can I request a specific table?

Since we don’t make a final seating chart until the day of a show, we cannot reserve a table for sure for you. However, you are always welcome to make special requests. If a seating request is due to a medical condition or disability please let us know. We are fully ADA compliant.


How do I get to The Tin Pan?

We’re located at 8982 Quioccasin Road, Henrico VA 23229 — in the West end of Richmond, VA. Look for signs labeled “Quioccasin Station” shopping center.

Do you offer a full menu?

Yes! We offer a seasonal menu and fabulous rotating specials.

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?

Yes, The Tin Pan reserves the right to charge a $20 corkage fee for serving bottles of wine purchased from off premises.

Do you have parking?

We have our own parking lot with ample parking. There’s also additional parking on the side of the building and around back. Seriously, parking shouldn’t be an issue.

Do you have an age restriction?

We are a family-friendly, smoke-free restaurant and music venue. All ages are welcome. With that in mind, please understand that we might ask to see your ID—take it as a compliment!

Can I bring the kids/a nursing infant?

We are 100% family-friendly, but we do ask that all our guests respect both the performers and their fellow guests. If you have to quiet a child or take an emergency phone call, we have a private room that you can duck into.

Do you have a dress code?

We’re casual, so you should feel free to dress casual too 🙂

Are you accessible?

Yes, we are ADA-compliant and can accommodate wheelchairs and service animals. Accessible restrooms are available. Please let us know in advance if you require special considerations, seating, etc. via

I’m coming from out of town. What hotels do you recommend?

The Tin Pan does not have any hotels within walking distance. We are located in the West End near Regency Square Mall and in the neighborhood of the University of Richmond, so finding the most convenient place to stay is best suggested by the direction you are coming from.

Read more about hotels we work with.

About Our Venue

What kind of music do you feature?

There are so many different types of great music out there, we try to highlight them all. We feature “any music you’d feel comfortable having dinner with.” That might mean folk, bluegrass, jazz, or even a string quartet. We like to bring in a mix of up-and-coming singer-songwriters alongside touring regional and national stars. see our full calendar

Is there a ‘no-talking’ policy?

We’re not that stuffy! However, we definitely want to respect our musicians. The level of conversation really depends on the act and the evening. Some acts go better with a side of conversation, others shine alone. Be sure to take a look at our calendar to get a feel for what each evening will feature.

Do you allow dancing?

Generally speaking, we are not a dancing venue; there are no “standing room” tickets allowed at The Tin Pan and no space for dancing on busy nights. From time to time, we do make a small dance floor to accommadate specific bands, and dancing is allowed for private events. Please contact us to inquire whether dancing will be permitted during a specific event.

Can you seat large groups/parties?

Absolutely. We can easily move tables around to seat up to 8 people at a table. Larger parties can be seated at multiple tables in the same area. Just to be safe, though, please give us a call at 804-447-8189 ahead of time.

Other Questions

Do you do catering and events?

Yes, we do! Our performance stage and our professional audio/visual system is great for corporate presentations and special events. Read more about private events.

Are you hiring?

We’re always excited to work with enthusiastic staff. Please call us or drop by to inquire about currently open positions.

Contact Us

Our Address

The Tin Pan
8982 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, VA 23229


The easiest way to find us for now is to navigate to the Arby’s near us, then turn into the parking lot and you’ll see us. We’re the really cool-looking restaurant and music venue on the corner.


Box Office: Mon-Fri 12PM-5PM

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***Due to the large number of requests we receive on a daily basis, we typically average 3-4 weeks before responding to booking inquiries. Please be patient.***

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About The Tin Pan


Tin Pan Alley was a time and a place in American musical history —literally an alley in Manhattan between the late 1800s into the 20th century, but also a defining moment when popular music original to the United States found its foothold.

We decided to name our restaurant and music venue “The Tin Pan” to celebrate the American music industry as a whole and to highlight the concentration of diverse talent springing up right here at home in Richmond, VA. That’s why our performance stage hosts top-level touring acts alongside crowd favorites from down the street.

Our Team

Lisa Harrison, Chief Music Officer
A Richmonder through-and-through, Lisa owned and operated Harrison Music in the West End of Richmond for fifteen years, where she supported local musicians and fostered the next generations of local talent. Opening a music venue has long been a dream of hers and she’s excited to be able to realize it.


Kevin Liu, Chief Cocktails Officer
Not many people would come home from a long day of work to write a book about cocktails and science, but for some reason Kevin felt compelled to do just that, and it turns out some people actually shared his passion and bought the thing. He’s psyched to be able to bring his nerdy knowledge behind a real bar to create classic and craft cocktails.


Shannon Loy, Director of Public Relations
Shannon comes to us with a broad knowledge of the music industry from her many opportunities to work in both music education and the music industry. With her music education degree from Towson University (Baltimore, MD), she has helped to inspire the next generation of musicians by teaching both privately and in the public school system. Her music industry involvement started from her employment with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and subsequently with the national music retailer-Music and Arts for 10 years as both a store manager and an educational sales representative. With her exposure to many talented musicians and knowledge of working with people and networking she is ready to get the word out about everything going on at The Tin Pan.