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RVA Talent Showdown

Purchase Tickets for the January Showdown

The Last Tuesday of Every Month at The Tin Pan

Compete for $1000 Cash Prize

How to Sign Up for each Month’s Talent Showdown

– To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will review your information and send you a link to pay $10 for a solo artist or $15 for a multi-member band.

– Performances begin at 7PM. If slots are not full by the day of the event, same-day signups are allowed.

– Please do not call or email us about signing up until you submit a form, below!

– Audience members can purchase audience tickets for $8 at the event page. January event page

Information for Performers

– All our performers benefit from our professional audio equipment and stage, which has been shared by Grammy winners and bona-fide rockstars

– We provide full use of our Meyer® sound system, mics, DI boxes, floor monitors, and a (tuned) acoustic baby grand piano.

– 2 Songs per performer or group

– We can play recorded sound through our system. A smartphone or USB stick is fine.

– Please do your tuning and warming up on our covered patio so as not to disrupt other performances. You will have a short sound check right before your performance, but there won’t be time for a full check.

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