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Canvas Collective

Canvas Collective

Wed, August 16, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Canvas Collective - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Canvas Collective is the result of some of the top professional musicians in Central Virginia coming together to play in an original and completely uninhibited musical space. The group begins the creative process as a visual artist would – with a blank musical canvas – and proceeds to play without any pre-conceived or rehearsed ideas about harmony, style, or form. Because the players in Canvas Collective have worked together for many years in other projects, the result is a conversational listening experience where the players seem to talk to one another with their instruments in real time.

The group consists of the piano and sound engineering virtuoso Matthew Billings who combines progressive and urban jazz influences from players such as Robert Glasper and Corey Henry with the electronica of modern house and electronic dance music. These contemporary sounds blend compellingly with groove master Fred Jackson on drums, whose hip hop, R&B, funk, and jazz influences include players such as Dennis Chambers and Tony Williams. Jackson and Billings join funk guru Charles Bailey on bass to form a rhythm section that can spontaneously create music in any genre. Bailey draws heavily from the music of Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, and Jaco Pastorius to give the band an infectious bottom end. Added to the top of this potent rhythmic blend are two musicians whose styles contrast beautifully with one another. First, the talented Josh Brinkman on tenor and alto saxophones wows audiences with his soaring and impressive sax solos. Brinkman brings the “wall of sound” concept from jazz greats such as John Coltrane and Michael Brecker, with the phrasing of hard bop players such as Dexter Gordon and the groove-oriented playing of funk stars such as Maceo Parker. Second, Jason Ruiz on guitar plays with tasteful minimalism, in the manner of Pat Metheny, and uses well-placed swells and effects to serve as an irresistible musical foil to Brinkman’s energetic chops. Ruiz also adds rock to the band’s recipe of influences with overdrive guitar solos in the John Mayer style when the band really needs to push the envelope and jam! For all their contrasts, Brinkman and Ruiz both share a knack for composing infectious melodies guaranteed to make the audience hum along.

These talented and experienced players fill the blank canvas with a unique soundscape that blends elements from electronica, jazz, funk, R&B, rock, and hip hop. At the same time, they create a style that does not fit clearly into any one of these defined genres. Canvas Collective is really about creating contrasting spaces – space to be free yet disciplined, to be new while bringing elements of the past, to wail on your instrument while listening and leaving room for others to be creative, to be both simple and complex, to paint with both electronic and organic brushes of sound. As a result, the group thrives in front of both jazz and jam band audiences and sometimes even incorporates guest musical and visual artists into its performances. Above all, Canvas Collective is inclusive. So we invite you in to play, listen, and groove with us while we seek out new blank canvases.
Venue Information:
The Tin Pan
8982 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, VA, 23229