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The J.O.B., Brickwall Jackson

The J.O.B.

Brickwall Jackson

Sat, August 26, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The J.O.B. - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
The J.O.B. was formed by Jim O'Ferrell (acoustic guitar & vocals) and Jason Crawford (electric guitar) when O'Ferrell returned from the War in Iraq in 2008. Originally intended as a vehicle from which to record the powerful songs Jim had written between missions as a soldier during the war, the band has evolved into a compelling alternative rock band with a music portfolio including 4 albums and three Top 40 songs. Rounding out this four-piece group are Jared K. Merrill on electric bass and Eric Bandy on the drummer's throne.

In addition to local shows, live radio and television performances, festivals and concerts on the road, The J.O.B. has just released their 5th studio album, "Portraits", a 10 track full length collection of new songs that draw inspiration from real life and blurs genre boundaries. This album also gives The J.O.B., their 3rd Top 40 Hit song, "Red Eye" which was released early and climbed quickly onto the adult contemporary Top 40 Charts in the United States.

The J.O.B.'s music enjoys airtime on commercial & independent radio stations worldwide.
Brickwall Jackson - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Brickwall Jackson has been playing its own uncompromising brand of original music since 2012. Their first album, “Just Life”, set the course for the musical direction songwriter and band leader Johnny Hudak had charted; an unflinching look at life, love and family relationships that describe the human condition. The second album, 2015's "Beautiful Mystery”, was a collection of 11 sharply focused, vivid songs that carried on the storytelling tradition; as much richly told narratives as they were crisp musical numbers.

Now BWJ's third album is nearing release; an eclectic collection of country, rock, americana and blues tunes that find the band in even greater form and focus. When lead vocalist Suzie “MoJo” Johnson, bassist Chuck Harrell and drummer Rod “Sticks” Hicks team with Hudak’s brisk, insistent, melodic grooves the result is a powerful and innovative blend of uniquely American music.

Some say it’s Alternative Country. Some call it Americana. Come listen to Brickwall Jackson and you'll end up calling it your music.

"Richmond is in dire need of Americana and country music that matters and actually turns ears. With Brickwall Jackson, this is happening. The quintet delivers the songs that embody our lives. Work, family, play, love, stress and life itself is all foreshadowed through the deep arrangements of Hudak's songwriting and through Brickwall Jackson's marvelous accord."
- John Morgan, One Way Richmond -

Johnny Hudak, Chuck Harrell, Suzie "MoJo" Johnson, David Crutcher, Rod "Sticks" Hicks
Venue Information:
The Tin Pan
8982 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, VA, 23229